League of Legends

[Left to right] – Annie, Akali, Morgana, Shyvana

I’ve been playing League of Legends on and off since about the start of 2011. My favourite characters are shown in the picture above. They are all female characters because I’m a tad sexist and I only want to play girls since I’m a girl 😛


The girl-bear-child. Annie was my first character in L.O.L., and she is my most dependable character. If I know I’m playing against good players and I don’t want to embarrass myself too much, I will almost always choose Annie. She has great offensive spells, very powerful, and even a stun which is tremendously useful. When initiating a one-on-one, I try to make sure that their health is low enough that I can kill them in one shot (three spells), because once I spam all the spells I can’t do anything and once the enemy attacks theres almost no chance of survival. Favourite part: the bear called Tibbers that she can summon.


The girl ninja. Akali is just super cool and I just want to hear those ching-ching sounds when fighting. I’m not an expert at her yet, but she is really good at chasing down enemies. And I love how she runs with her arms trailing behind her, like in animes 😛


Evil half naked devil lady. Morgana is cool too, she has that cool cage thing and a cool shield that she can cast, and I normally do ok with her. But I feel that Morgana is more of a team player, cant do much on her own but useful in a team. Her offensive spell isn’t too powerful, so its challenging to kill enemies without a team. I might be wrong. I haven’t played her for a while because I don’t like having to aim my spells.


Fire dragon lady. How can anyone not like this fire lady that turns into this massive dragon that breathes fire and burns the ground around it. I bought this without having tried her out, and she turns out to be ok. I don’t think shes massively powerful or anything, just a bunch of offensive spells. And lots of fire.

I really haven’t played League of Legends for a while now. I told myself to quit it for a few weeks to give myself some time to study for finals. And look how that worked out. I have come to the conclusion that if I can’t do one thing to waste my time, I’ll find something else. It comes down to the fact that I’m talented at wasting time.