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TP-360B Stereo Headset with Microphone Review

I got these headphones over two years ago, and I have been using them at home when I don’t want to disturb other people or when I’m watching a movie on my bed. My computer is usually plugged into external speakers, and I really don’t find the quality of the internal speakers satisfying, so whenever I’m not using the external speakers, I’ll be using these.

The quality of the sound is surprisingly good, considering the price I bought it at. The bass is sufficient and up to my standards, and I am a person who loves bass. The price was equivalent to around $20USD if I remember correctly. It is still working perfectly fine, and I have no complaints about the quality of the headphones. It has a volume control which I love.

Unfortunately, my laptop only has only a earphone connector (no mic). Because these headphones use a separate jack for the mic, I can’t use it (as you can see from the un-removed cap on the red jack). Not that I need it because my laptop has an inbuilt mic. Another thing is the headphones don’t look cool enough to use outside my home, mainly because of the aesthetics and the mic thing that sticks out. I normally just rotate it so it sticks up and out of my way, like in the picture.

In conclusion:

I’d recommend it to anyone looking for decent headphones for casual use at home. It has served me well throughout these past years. I wasn’t willing to spend a few hundred dollars on the high end headphones since I’ll only be using them at home, so I’m happy I ended up with this.

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