FPS games

Don’t want to study bio, so I’m going to talk about some FPS games that I’ve played.

Quake 3

This isn’t my screenshot. I played this like 10 years ago. It was one of the few games I could play on the computer (we had a mac). I only played the offline version (with the bots), but it was still fun. This laser gun in the picture was my favourite.


Again not my screenshot. I played this ages ago. I think 2 computers ago. I believe my character name was iki0o. Its not really a FPS, more like a third person shooter, but close enough. And in this game you can do cool stunts like run up walls and dash and do rolls/tumbles and slash walls and “butterfly” (changing from sword -> gun & dashing around really fast) other cool stuff. I remember mashing the wasd buttons. It was fun.

Modern Warfare 2

Again not my screenshot. I played this around 2 years ago. But I didn’t have an account so I only played the campaign, but I did try the online multiplayer once or twice on my friend’s computer. I also played the Modern Warfare 1 and 3 after this. Oh I have played the COD4 multiplayer through LAN a few times. The MW games have really good graphics, and whenever I play my computer always heats up. I’m not really a heavy gamer, or else I would have gotten a gaming computer, but I don’t really revolve my life around gaming so I’m fine with it.

Other FPSs I can think of that I’ve tried are Counter Strike and House of the Dead. I played those on LAN too.  Awesome LAN shops in Hong Kong 😀 Can’t say the same for Canada..

FPS games aren’t really for me because I have slow reaction and bad hand-eye coordination and they are more intense. I did like playing Gunz though, because it has cool stunts 😀 But like I said, I’m not really a heavy gamer. I prefer watching tv shows and movies 😛