Pretty lipsticks

Feeling girly today ~ (and didn’t want to study)

Clinique butter shine – 437 Pink-a-boo 

This is my favourite lipstick 🙂 It is very sheer so doesn’t look too crazy. The colour is pink/peach with a bit of gold shimmers. It looks really nice and natural and the tube looks like a silver bamboo stick.

I got this with my mum a few months ago in Hong Kong. I was looking for a new lipstick in SASA but she was like omg, don’t use these cheap products, it goes on your lip and you might eat some. And she brought me to the department store brands, and I picked this one out 🙂

Revlon lip butter – 080 Strawberry Shortcake

I got this very recently (its a new product) and it was talked about a lot in the online makeup world. It’s like some new invention. Before this there were tinted lip balms that didn’t have much colour, but this is supposed to be as hydrating as a lip balm but also have enough colour to act as a lip stick.

I bought this online because supposedly this wasn’t coming out in Canada until January, and I saw it and I wanted it. The colour is a very cute & girly pink. I’m not too used to it yet but getting there. The tube is made of plastic.

Personally, I prefer the Clinique one over the Revlon. The colour is nicer on me and I like the texture more. The revlon one has this creamy feeling that feels kind of weird and sticky. Maybe thats the point.. I don’t know.