RPG games

Before L.O.L I played a few RPG games. My IGN for both games was Kandie.


This was like ages and ages ago. I only found one screenshot. I was a fire mage thing. I was like level 87 I think? I got bored of it so I stopped. I remember not many of my friends played this so I got bored quickly. I started because my brother was playing it, but we couldn’t play it at the same time because we only had one computer. And he spent most of his time playing DotA. Infact, he still does.

Ragnarok Online

This was one of the few screenshots I found. I had a lot of fun on RO. I remember coming home everyday to play. It was much more fun because I had friends to play with. But it also ate up a lot of my time. We did the most random things. In this screenshot we made a lvl99 poring, by repeatedly letting it kill us. Porings are like the lowest level monster in the entire game, so I think it was an accomplishment.

This was my main character. I was a high priest. I met a bunch of great people. And the headgears! Me and my friends were kind of obsessed with the head gears. We would do all these crazy quests to get all the different ones. My favourite is definitely the ribbons. I kind of miss the times in RO. But I know even if I start playing again now, it won’t be the same without my awesome friends.

RPGS are a lot of fun, especially with the right bunch of people to play with. I don’t play them anymore because they require a commitment, and I don’t really want to ruin my school grades because of games. League of Legends is perfect because games are around 45minutes long and after that you can quit and do something else. I don’t think I’ll go back to RPGs unless I seriously have a tonne of free time.