Yanwaili – Anti-Blemish Brightening Cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for around 2 years, and it recently ran out. I started using this cleanser in 2010 summer, when I returned to HK from Canada. Before this I never washed my face with anything other than water, and I guess I didn’t need to, until I went to Canada and I started getting these god forsaken pimples. This cleanser was recommended by a sales in Watsons, and at first I thought she was just getting me to buy stuff, but it turns out I love it so much! I use it once a day, in the shower at night. I used to wash my face in the sink but I was so noob I always splash the water everywhere and my bro was like, dude just wash your face in the shower. So since then thats what I’ve been doing 🙂 I was so sad when it started to run out!!! Which motivated me to find a new cleanser to replace this one.

Aveeno – Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser

I was in Canada, so I couldn’t replace my trusty old cleanser, so I went out and bought this on a whim. I did not like it. First of all, it has these microbeads for you to exfoliate your face, and I don’t like doing that every single day. It also has salicyclic acid in it, which is a treatment for acne, and I don’t really need harsh chemicals on my face everyday, especially since I don’t have much of an acne problem. Because it was designed for acne-prone skin I think it dried my skin out. And finally, it doesn’t give me that clean feeling after I was my face, which I like.

Olay – Foaming face wash

So after my bad experience with that aveeno thing, I bought this one. Olay is a good skincare brand, and this was only $4.99 (compared to the Aveeno one which was like $12). And I like this one a lot more! It’s comparable to the Yanwaili one, they both come out in a white-ish cream, and this cleanser does make my face feel clean! I was so happy I found something I like and I’m definitely using this from now on (unless I go back to HK :P). One thing I’ve noticed is that its made for oily/combination skin (I have normal/combination), so it is slightly drying, but its not bad enough to make me dislike it.

So that was my story about things I bought to make my face clean 🙂