This is the best tv show ever!!! I’m so excited to finish exams & have time to watch it all. I have one more season to catch up. Its about the police strategic response unit, and its set mostly in downtown Toronto, so I’ll see familiar places 😀 Its really good, lots of action, the plot is good and I thought that it might get repetitive after a while but it doesn’t! Every episode is about a different case, and it explores emotional/ethical/psychological aspects of the situations, so its not just about good guys vs bad guys. A lot of the times you end up sympathising for the ‘criminal’, because they aren’t really bad people, but the society or law forced them to do desperate things.

My favourite character is Spike. Not because he’s the best looking or whatever, but his character is really funny and he is really good with robots and computers (hacking into systems, etc). Like that robot in the picture, how cool is that!