Got a package in the mail today.

I ordered some stuff from e.l.f. earlier this month, and it arrived today. I got 5 brushes, a HD powder and a nail polish. I was mainly just buying brushes, but I had to have $20+ for free shipping. Overall, the quality of the brushes are not bad and they are super cheap ($3 for the black ones and $1 for the white one). The nail polish colour isn’t really what I thought it would be, but it was only $2.

I also received this, but I did not even order this! They gave me the wrong thing! What am I going to do with this?! I don’t want to put cheap products on my face, and even if I did, this colour is way to light for me. The highlighter has silver sparkles in it, so I’m definitely not going to use it. What the heck!

Overall, I was mildly disappointed with e.l.f., and I remember last time I ordered from them their products’ quality wasn’t that good. So I don’t think I’ll ever buy from them again. Even though their products are so cheap, I feel like I paying a few extra dollars for the increased quality is worth it.