Christmas presents

Spent a fortune on Christmas presents… I can’t afford the stuff I wanted to buy for myself now. Oh well. My friends got me awesome gifts so I couldn’t really not get them anything in return. Even if it is late and they will receive it after Christmas. 4 of them are the same thing but in different flavour/scents; they are these body butters I got from Body Shop at buy 3 get 2 free deal, and then I kept one for myself. My friend who was helping me wrap said that they looked like burgers ._. which I suppose they do. With little penguins.

Stacked like a tower.  2 of them are fake presents, they are actually things that my friends left behind when they visited me.

I’m a little shocked that I spent so much, but I have my polar bear hat and thats all I need!

Merry Christmas Eve! Have fun and be safe!