Inheritance – Chrisopher Paolini

I’ve been reading this 4th book in the Eragon series. If people in Skyrim decided to stop killing dragons and instead form an alliance with them, it would be like the world in the Eragon series. It’s pretty similar too, with elves and dwarves and the Empire and other weird and wonderful things.

Instead of the Dragonborn, there are Riders, who are people/elves chosen by dragons still in their eggs, to ride them. A evil Rider takes over and tries to kill all other dragons/riders in existence and rule over Alagaesia. He almost succeeds but a new Rider – Eragon – comes into existence and has to overthrow the evil ruler.

I haven’t finished reading this book, but I kind of know what is going to happen. There are simultaneous things happening at once, and some are more boring than others. For example, Eragon’s cousin Roran has no magical abilities and his sections in the book are rather dry. The interesting parts are about the dragons and elves.