EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm (Summer Fruit)

This lip balm claims to be 95% organic and 100% natural. I bought it because this lip balm is quite popular and I wanted a lip balm to keep on my table to use while I’m at home. It isn’t too pricey, I got mine for around $4 online, and it has a good amount of product to last a long time.


It has a cute shape and colour, like an egg, and it sits on my table without rolling around. The product smells lovely, sweet and fruity. It originally had a much stronger scent, but it fades over use. There is a decent amount of product and will last a while.


It is not amazingly hydrating, and I feel like it just sits on my lips without moisturizing them, especially when my lips are dry and chapped. But the point of lip balm is to hydrate chapped lips, so it kind of doesn’t work well. The shape of the lip balm is fine now, but I would imagine it can be a pain to apply when I get to the bottom of the egg, below the lower hemisphere. The shape of the egg also makes it awkward to carry outside the house in my bag, because I normally keep lip balm in the small inner pocket so that I can find it easily, but this egg would just create a big and uncomfortable bulge.