Things to clean

1. Room
My room gradually gets messier and messier over time. I don’t feel like I have to ever tidy it because I know where everything was last placed, whether it is under the table where it fell, stuffed under a pile of things, or neglected in the corner of the room. But there is a limit where there is just too much junk, and I have to eventually clean and put everything back where they belong.

2. Computer
I really hate it when I have a lot of junk taking up space in my computer, especially the downloads folder. I transfer the larger files like movies onto my external hard-disk, and delete all the useless ones. I keep my work, because I never know if I’ll need it again.

3. Fridge
Look through the fridge and kitchen and throw out anything expired. Expired products are just wasting space and electricity and you’ll never need it again.

4. Toilet & Bathroom
Who am I kidding, I’ve never cleaned my toilet before. I’ve wiped the seat / cover when it gets dusty, but I’ve never had the interest to actually clean inside it. I do clean the sink area because that gets rather unpleasant with dust caked on the counter top.

5. Clothes
Wash your clothes. Folding the clothes afterwards and organizing it can be a pain but some things have to be done. Oh and the static shocks from the dryer, that stuff is always fun.

6. Bag & wallet
Like my room, my bags and wallet eventually fill up with receipts, tissue paper and little bits of wrappers. Receipts from credit cards or large purchases I usually keep, in case I need them later on, but everything else I throw away. The pile of pennies and coins are making my wallet heavy enough without adding a wad of receipts.

7. Yourself
Take a shower. After that, brush your teeth. And while you’re at it, clean your mind as well.