HTC Wildfire S.

I’ve been using this phone for around half a year now, and I want to share my thoughts on it. The picture above are the colour choices for europe or something, where I got it, there was black, silver and pink. I chose the pink one of course, being an individual who likes to be unique.

This is the pink phone, from three perspectives. Its a nice colour, and I probably would have chosen this pink one over any of the other colours.

But now moving on to the technical side. This is the first smartphone and Android OS I’ve used, so I was really amazed and I loved the features and the things that my old phone couldn’t do. I played with this phone for about two weeks before getting used to it. It was really a great phone at first, and it is one of the less expensive alternatives (I bought it for $2400 HKD which is around $300CAD).

But after about 2 months of use, the phone started getting buggy. The touchscreen was unresponsive at times, and the home button stopped working. Sometimes I couldn’t even get out of the lock screen. So I brought it to the customer service place, and they helped me do a full reset on the phone. It worked fine for a while after that, but then again after another 2 months it started having issues again. Right now, the home button doesn’t work most of the time, and the top right corner (where the “clear” button is in notifications), and sometimes the left side of the screen (“q”, “w”, “a” on the touch keyboard) dont do anything when I press it. The keyboard thing is especially annoying, because I’ll be texting someone, and I can’t type “a”. But I found that if I exit the messages and then re-open it, the keyboard will be fine.

Apart from the touchscreen problems, everything else works fine, and does pretty much everything a smartphone should. The camera takes pictures and videos quite well – the colours are vivid and the details are sharp. The size of the phone is smaller than most high-end smartphones, but that’s the thing I like about it: it fits in my pocket, and it looks less masculine. The design of the phone itself is simple and classy. BUT! Because the backside and the edges are made of plastic, it does chip away if dropped or handled badly, as seen in the picture below.

As you can see, the main problem is the edge of the phone, where it is a black plastic, with a thin pink coating. It started chipping very early on, and there isn’t really any way to fix it. This does make the phone look bad, but eventually the entire edge will be black, which could be fashionable. I do suggest getting a case for the phone if you are picky about these things, but I didn’t because I don’t like having extra bulk and I like the way a phone looks without a case.

Overall, I think that this is a great phone for someone getting a smartphone for the first time, because it is one of the cheaper alternatives but still get a good quality phone. I am hoping to replace this phone because of the problems, and I think that I might get something like a Galaxy Nexus (with a plan to make it cheaper). Oh, and I definitely prefer Androids over iphones.