New eyeshadows :O !

I… don’t even use eye shadows that much but I was at Rexall and they were on sale :O

1. Annabelle – eye colour creme

I actually picked up another colour combination first that looked more interesting (it had greens and cool colours), but then I tried this and the colours were really nice!!! They are golden and shimmery (the camera didn’t pick it up), but they are super pretty and suitable for everyday use too! The green colour one would be less practical. This justifies me buying it ^^

2. Marcelle – Fantasia Eye shadow quad palette

This one was on display and looked SUPER PRETTY! It was on sale too, and although the colours aren’t what I usually would use, I still loved it when I tried the tester. I can probably use it on more dressier occasions, and also I have a friend’s birthday coming up that I might give this to… but I don’t really want to 😛 She probably won’t love it as much as I do. We’ll see!

LOOK AT THIS! Is this not the most beautiful thing ever?!

I know the pattern is only the top layer and will be gone when I actually use it… but its still amazing!