[Review] Skin79 BB cream

This BB cream was very popular and very highly rated, so when I saw this in a store in Hong Kong for a inexpensive price, I decided to buy it. There are 3 other bb creams in the same Super+ line, but this one was most popular. I’ve been using this since summertime in Hong Kong, and I’ve used in in the winter of Canada, so I have a pretty good idea how it works on my skin in different weathers.

This is the first bb cream I’ve used. It has a light-medium coverage and looks quite natural (I like lighter coverages), and like all bb creams, it oxidises to fit your skin tone after a few minutes of application. This particular bb cream isn’t too grey, it actually looks fine when I first put it on my skin.

Now for the lasting power. When I was in HK, it was much warmer and more humid, so after a few minutes in the heat anything feels unpleasant. I felt that it was slightly oily, but I mean, thats with all the sweat and humidity so I guess thats expected. Here in Canada’s winter, this bb cream is actually really really drying! After a day of wearing this, I see dry flakes on my face. My skin doesn’t do that normally, and I only apply this to small areas of the face where I need the coverage, so it is obvious that the dry flakes was caused by this bb cream. I was horrified at first, but now I just mix in a little moisturiser with the bb cream and it feels a lot more smoother and lighter when applied. I’ve heard the gold colour bb cream is more moisturising, so I probably should have bought that one instead.

So overall rating: 7/10. It’s probably worth the price I paid for it, but I won’t be repurchasing again.