Hunger Games

Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games is a contest where participants fight to the death, and is a form of entertainment. Each district sends one boy and one girl to enter, usually by force. The main girl Katniss volunteers to join the games to take the place of her sister, when her sister’s name was chosen. What happens next I hope to find out soon 🙂

Hunger Games is also being adapted into a movie. The release date is 23 March 2012 for Canada. The trailer looks promising, hopes it turns out good!

Oh yes, I bought the book on sale too 🙂

Ok so I’ve already finished the book! I started last night, had a midterm this morning, and i read during class and finished in in the afternoon. The story is good, really gets you thinking, and I definitely recommend it to anyone!

I didn’t really like the ending though… The story also reminds me of Ender’s Game, which I think was a better story/book. I’m onto the 2nd book now!