Food: Japanese takeout

I don’t have much to talk about so here is a picture of a lovely meal I had a few days ago. I bought it from a japanese/korean restaurant nearby one night when I was too lazy to cook. This is the chicken teriyaki dinner set, and it comes with 3 pieces of sushi rolls and 2 salmon sushis, a salad and some noodles.

The chicken teriyaki was quite decent, it wasn’t spectacular but I don’t have any complaints. Underneath the chicken pieces are some bean sprouts. The salad, on the other hand, I didn’t really like. Its basically just a few raw pieces of lettuce with some sauce slapped on. I didn’t really like the sauce; it was too sour. The noodles (not sure what its called) was quite excellent 🙂

The sushi was excellent too. I rarely have complaints when it comes to sushi.

The packaging was a little excessive, and perhaps they could have cut down on the polystyrene containers to be a little more environmentally friendly, but all in all, it was a great meal and I hope I made you all hungry 🙂