Online Shopping: is my favourite place to shop for drugstore type products, online. They have a large variety of products, their prices are not noticeably more expensive than going to Shoppers or Rexall,  their shipping is free and fast (to anywhere in Canada), and the website super easy to navigate.

If there is a specific product that I am looking for,  and can’t find it in stores (I live close to Shoppers and Rexall), then I will go onto to see if they have it. has a large variety of products and will usually have what I am looking for. It doesn’t matter if all I want to buy is a small product, because shipping is free, it doesn’t matter how often you buy things from here. This is ignoring environmental (packaging, shipping) factors… my design for environment project is getting into my head. Anyways, the order is packed and shipped almost always on the next day, and the package will arrive within around 3 days of ordering it, which is really fast.

Recently, I was looking for a small tub of vaseline, but couldn’t find it in Shoppers. So I bought it on this website. It was only $2.99, and normally I’d feel bad about ordering such a tiny thing, but its totally fine. I should be receiving it soon 🙂

The only downside to me is they have a small variety of cosmetic products, and their pictures don’t really show what it is exactly. But this isn’t really a big deal since I prefer going to the store and actually seeing / trying out the product before buying it.