New: Nail Polish

My two new nail polishes! They are the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro polishes, in the colours 340 Marine Blue, and 280 Rags to Riches. I wanted to expand my nail polish colours collection so I bought these two colours. Both colours are metallic, although it didn’t show well in the picture.

I was really lucky when I bought them, because I saw the price was $5.99 each, but when I went to the counter it said $3.08 or something so they were much cheaper than I expected 😀

Rimmel London nail polishes have this crown thing on the top, which I really like 🙂 The brush of this polish is one of those flat and wide ones, which makes it easier to apply on the nail and also faster as it covers more surface area with each stroke. Both colours I got are not like anything I have, so I think its a nice change. The blue one is a little brighter and more noticeable.

Left: Rags to Riches, 4th finger: Marine Blue

The middle and index finger are my friend’s polishes that I happened to try on today, and they match the two new colours perfectly! Everything has only 1 coat so they are not as opaque/bright. I think I like the blue one better because its a more special colour, but I will probably use the green one more since its less noticeable.

I also like the cute pastel colours and I want to get some of those too!