Movie: Hunger Games

I finally watched the Hunger Games!!!

Before I start my criticisms, I will say that it was actually a good movie, and the movie was quite decently adhered to the novel. There were some changes and omissions, but that is expected. The movie was already 2 and a half hours, so any more detail would have been too much. Although it was a rather lengthly movie, you don’t notice it at all when watching it, because it’s that good 🙂

Obviously, because I’ve read the book, my expectations and interpretations are going to be different. Some characters I thought were different from what I imagined, for example Cinna. Katniss, however, I thought was an excellent choice, but I thought that she was meant to be from a poor and starving home yet she looks well fed. I’m not saying that she’s in anyway overweight, but she doesn’t look like she’s been through starvation at all. Gale was alright, I didn’t really like it because I’ve seen him from another movie so it’s kind of strange. And Peeta… I’m not even sure how I imagined him so I suppose its fine.

Other than the actor’s choices, I felt that the movie was a little slow at the beginning before they get to the arena. In the arena, I don’t thing they portrayed how harsh and deadly it was. Hunger and dehydration was barely touched upon, even though they were the main dangers of the arena. The first person narrative in the book that shows Katniss’ depth in thoughts were also lacking, although it is hard to show that in a movie.

Overall… I would give the movie a 8/10.