DIY: Reuse

Having recently spent many hours on a report/project about waste management, this problem has infiltrated into my mind. The amount of waste produced is huge. Here in Toronto, we filled up a landfill in Michigan, which is ridiculous anyways, as transportation across the border has a high price. New technologies, such as plasma arc gasification, which decomposes waste into its fundamental elements, can assist in reducing the amount of waste that enters into the landfill, but still costs a lot of material and labour to run. Waste can also be used as a source of energy, given adequate development in technologies.

A long term solution to the problem is to reduce waste production. Toronto diverts 70% of solid waste, from recycling techniques such as green/blue/yellow/whatever bins.

So anyway, in a round about way, today when I was cooking I realised the plastic container which my tomatoes came in could be reused, instead of going into the trash. So I washed it, and cut it in half, and I have a new place to store my things! It can be used for anything really, pens, jewellery, medicine, screws and nails, pennies, etcetc. I used it to store some cosmetics, but I will arrange it properly when I have time.

Plastic box

New container!

This was kind of a random post, but my main message is try not to waste things! Almost everything we do will have some sort of impact, so we should try and reduce it 🙂