This post is going to be a bit of a rant, and I hope it never reaches my room mates 🙂

So this is the kitchen as you can see. It looks fine from a distance, a little messy maybe, but acceptable.

This is the kitchen floor. The bins are full and no one takes them out, and they somehow miss the bins and throw stuff onto the floor directly. Not to mention that today the floor was sticky because someone spilt something and left it to dry.

And this is the stove. I’m most pissed off about this because I need it to cook stuff, and when the stove is dirty, the dirt burns while I cook and makes smoke and the burnt smell. Look at whats spilt on the convection coils. Its some while liquid thing, and its on the coils, as well as spilt under it. This stove can’t really be used anymore until someone cleans it. Basically, there are 4 stoves, and only 1 of them are usable. And that one I line with foil to prevent it from getting dirty.

Its really annoying because I want to cook stuff but I don’t really want to because I don’t want to smell the burnt smell and set of the fire alarm and stuff.


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