Food: Ethiopian

Tried out a new restaurant today… An Ethiopian restaurant. We didn’t know what to get so we asked for a recommendation. This huge platter of various curries and beans and meat (not sure what they are) was shared between us, and there were no spoons or forks, only pieces of bland pancakes that we used to scoop up the food. The whole meal was eaten using hands, and the flour pancake thing provided the filler/staple part of the meal.

The food was very different to the things I normally eat, and the eating with hands was kind of weird. Also, the little holes in the pancake set off my cluster-phobia (Trypophobia), and I spent the entire time cringing and had goosebumps on my arms.

To illustrate:

I really don’t want to see it so here is a thumbnail. This is the pancake thing at the bottom of the platter after most of the food is eaten. Also the pictures are bad quality because I only had my phone with me.


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