Game of Thrones

I’ve been reading this series & watching the TV show, and I really love the complexity of the story and how it is so unpredictable. The TV series follows the books quite closely, except for a few minor tweaks to make the story more interesting I suppose. This post will be about my favourite characters. (I am caught up on the TV series, and reading the 3rd book)

1. Daenerys Targaryen

From the start, Daenerys was my favourite character, and I would skip through the other characters and read her story first. Because she is separated from the rest of the main characters, the story still makes sense even when I read ahead. Her story started out tragic, but she is slowly rebuilding her life and trying to regain what she thinks is rightfully hers.

2. Arya Stark

I like her because she is a wild, but good, child (like myself :D) who disobeys and disregards the expectations of her growing up to be a highborn lady, and it keeps her alive. I like how she is born in a noble and wealthy family, but is still able to do things for herself.

3. Jon Snow

Extremely good looking in the TV series and a very mysterious and cool person, Jon Snow’s story is interesting because it also happens away from the fight in the kingdom. He is a brother of the night watch, which basically is keeping the magical monsters and wild people from the north of a gigantic wall away from the rest of the kingdom.

4. Sansa Stark

I didn’t like Sansa at first, because she seemed like a dull child who obeys everyone and had no real personality. She is Arya’s sister, but they are so different. However, in the 2nd book, her story starts being more interesting, and I quite like her too. She isn’t simple minded at all, but a more lady like and less defiant. Although I don’t expect her to accomplish any great things, I’d still like to find out what happens to her and if she survives the evil queen.


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