Movie: In Time

When I saw this trailer, I wanted to watch this movie at a cinema. Lets just say I’m glad I didn’t.

The concept of the movie is pretty cool, about people using time instead of money, and when you run out of time, you die. You can still die of other causes, like being shot, but no one dies of old age. The rich has centuries of time, and the poor live by hours. You can “steal” time from others, by grabbing their arm and transferring it.

The story line, however, was not good. It didn’t really make sense and doesn’t really explain anything. Where does the time come from? Who makes it? Where does it go? How does distributing a million years of time fix anything? People are born with the time system, there is no way to remove it, so how does having more time undo the system? You will just have longer to live, but still, it doesn’t fix anything.

I give this movie a 6/10.


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