Review: Covergirl Clean Foundation

Covergirl Clean – Sensitive Skin – 225 – Buff Beige

When I saw this on sale at Shoppers, I went to test it out on my hand. I didn’t expect to buy it but when I rubbed it on my hand it was really creamy and smooth. I thought I might as well buy it since it was cheap ($6), and I don’t have a foundation since I threw my old one out. I chose the sensitive skin version even though I don’t really have sensitive skin, because I thought there would be less harsh chemicals and generally be better for the skin.

The annoying thing when buying a foundation is finding the right shade. You have to know which undertone you have (I have yellow undertones), and which shade you are (which changes from summer to winter). The Covergirl display had this foundation matching card, which is a clear plastic thing you put on top of your hand, and see which colour blends in the best with your hand. This shade (buff beige) matches me perfectly now, but I will probably get darker in the summer even if I try not to.


  • Smooth and creamy, easy to blend
  • Sensitive skin formula – fragrance free, oil free, hypoallergenic
  • Does not feel oily or sticky, does not need powder
  • Lasts long enough
  • Light-medium coverage – enough for me since I don’t need much coverage


  • Very thick, very hard to get out of the bottle (you have to really shake it hard). If I stand it upside down, it will not budge. You can probably use a tiny spatula.

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