Summer shopping

I’ve been shopping a few times since school ended, and here is a collection of the more interesting pieces I bought in the recent few weeks! I don’t have much summer clothes here in Canada because I’ve actually never stayed here over the summer before. In the past 3 years, I’ve only bothered to bring over and buy winter clothes. I left most of my summer collection in Hong Kong, so I thought I would do a bit of shopping for the summer!

I was really excited to be able to wear cute summer outfits, but then I started working, and I couldn’t really wear the things I like there… I wear jeans and trainers to work because theres a manufacturing shop there and my manager told me not to wear open toed shoes 😦 But oh well, that just means I have more fun dressing up over the weekends!

Here are 4 outfits put together from the pieces in the top picture.

1. Dress from Fairweather, only cost $20 with no tax! I didn’t try it on before I bought it because of the long line, but I thought the colour and ruffles in the chest area looked nice, and I’m glad I bought it! Its a nice summer/sun dress, perfect for walking about outdoors because its light and breezy.

2. Top: shirt from American Eagle. Nothing too special, I bought it because there was a $10 t-shirt sale, and I wanted something with brighter colours.
Shorts: from H&M, again for $10, I really love bargains! A very typical pair of black shorts, good for casual days.

3. Top: kind of like a tank top, from H&M, the straps are twisted and the neckline is draped.
Skirt: Again from H&M, for $10, a black summery skirt, with lace trims and similar style to the first dress. I didn’t try this on either, and they only had size 2 and 4, but I figured the elastic waist line would be forgiving and not pose a big problem.

4. Top: Again from H&M, a basic top that comes in many other colours, with a string that ties together at the front and a little pocket.
Skirt: Same as (3), but I wanted to show it kind of like a high waisted style. It would probably look better with a belt or something.

Its SUMMERRRR!!!!! I love summer a lot but I just hope I don’t get too much darker or sweat too much! 😛


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