Garnier – Skin Renew Roller

Garnier Skin Renew- Anti-Dark-Circle Roller

I’ve known about this product for a while, but never had the impulse to buy it because I thought it was weird and gimmicky. However, I watched a youtube video about concealer reviews (I can’t remember which one), and they said that this concealer was good for use on its own, without foundation, and not look weird. I thought that was perfect for me since I don’t wear foundation daily but I’d still like to cover my dark circles.

This concealer is a little pricey, I got it for $12.99 on sale from around $17. There aren’t many colour selections, in fact there was only the ‘light’ colour available, but this colour seems to work for me. The packaging is all plastic, except for a little metal ball as a roller. The product is dispensed by rolling the ball onto the skin, and this pushes the ball up and allows the product to seep out. This means that the harder you push, the more product comes out. The product itself is quite watery, but smooth.

The metal ball is my favourite part. What I thought to be a useless gimmick actually works really well! The ball feels cool to the skin and in the morning after I just wake up, the coolness on my eyes feel wonderful. I want to keep rolling it under my eyes, but if I do, I’ll end up with a pool of concealer. I usually roll it back and forth 2 or 3 times for the right amount of product. When I use up all the product I can use the metal ball by itself and roll it under my eyes as much as I want.

The coverage isn’t exactly opaque, but it does help brighten and reduce dark eye circles. It looks natural, and actually looks great by itself. I don’t  bother with contact lenses and makeup when I go to work/school, but this concealer is quite perfect to use only under the eyes to brighten the area behind the frames. I think that this product was everything I was looking for, and I definitely will repurchase when I run out.


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