Recent nail polishes

For the summer, I’ve been wanting some pink shades of nail polish. These 3 polishes have been added to my collection in the past few weeks. From the left:

(1) – A korean brand ‘Tony Moly’ in the colour TR17. A very lovely pink colour that is very opaque and probably only needs 1 coat. I bought it at P.mall (this big asian mall). The bad about this polish is the strong smell which is must more noticeable than the other polishes I’ve used.

(2) – Revlon nail enamel in the colour 610 Charismatic. A shimmery orange colour that needs 2 coats. I like the colour because it reminds me of papayas and sunsets. I like the fact that the lid is long and its easy to hold it, even with my left hand.

(3) – L’oreal nail colour in 250 Wishful Pinking. A very useless and watery pink tone colour that needs like 5 coats for the colour to show. Its probably good for french manicures, but I don’t have steady hands and I’m a messy nail painter so I’ll never be able to do one properly.


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