Rimmel – Kate Moss Lipstick – 05

I saw this Kate Moss lipstick and I could not resist it. The packaging is so pretty, with the black tube and the Rimmel crown on the cap, and the Kate signature on the side. Most of the colours are “statement” colours, with bright reds and pink. There were some nudes, but I tend to stay away from them. I picked up this colour, 05, because I thought it looked most wearable.

I was actually surprised because the colour, when I applied it on my lips, is much more vibrant than I expected. Its almost like a bright fuchsia colour. The colour is a little bold for me, but suits my skin colour so I like it. The formula of the lipstick is actually one of the better ones I’ve come across. It goes on the lips very nicely, and is not drying at all. My lips are always chapped with flaky skin, but this lipstick did not accentuate them at all.

Overall, I think that this is a good lipstick, and I would buy more if they had more wearable colours.

Also, I think that Rimmel numbers the lipstick colours differently in different countries, which is quite confusing when you are trying to find one online. They should definitely name them instead.


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