SquareOne shopping trip

After my first full paycheque I wanted to go on a huge shopping spree at the largest mall within travelling distance: SquareOne. Travelling time took 3 hours, to there and back, so I was really hoping to get more things than I ended up with. Oh well, saved some money then, didn’t I?

Clinique – Take the day off makeup remover

I needed a new makeup remover because I was using my old one for over 3 years and I wasn’t sure if they expire or go bad. My old makeup remover is the Body Shop one, the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. Anyways, I got this, and I really love the 2-phase ones because they are so cool when you have to shake them up and mix them. The Clinique one removes makeup quite well, but leaves a oily layer on the skin.

The second and last thing I got was this top, from Smart Set. I thought it looked cute with the stripes and the tie thing at the front. I don’t know why theres a random picture of a woman riding a bike, but whatever…

And thats all I got 😀 I saw a few more clothing items that I liked, but they were out of my size. Even when I was going to splurge on a pair of shoes, they only had the display one left, and they looked ugly so there was no way I would get it…


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