Dry Shampoo


Batiste – Dry Shampoo (Original)

Bit of a boring post, but I’ve been trying out this dry shampoo. This can looks a bit like spray paint but is actually “dry shampoo”. I use it maybe… once a week? Whenever I forget / don’t have time to wash my hair for too long, and my hair feels dirty. In the morning, I spray this stuff on my scalp area, and also in the underneath layers, and then brush it out. This dry shampoo really eliminates the dirty / oily feeling of the hair, and even helps a little in giving some volume / lift. The only bad side is it takes a little time in brushing out the shampoo because it leaves a white residue in the hair, and is especially noticeable on my black hair.

Of course, dry shampoo is not a substitute for washing your hair, but is great for me because I wash my hair at night, and I don’t like to blow dry my hair. This means that if I leave it too late, I can’t wash my hair or it won’t dry before I sleep. But, if that happens, I don’t have to go out with gritty hair because I can use a bit of this.

This little can is so useful and if you are lazy and forgetful like me you should try it out! This brand, Batiste, makes them in several smells/flavours too.


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