Hair mask

TRESemme – Rejuvenating Mud Masque 


Back story:

I have very thick strands of hair, but not in much volume. My hair falls out a lot and my brush gathers clumps of hair, though I don’t think my hair has thinned out over the past years. My hair is relatively straight at the top, but becomes wavy/curly towards the ends. I tend to think its because its dry that it curls.

About three years ago I dyed my hair for the first time using a box dye. A few months later I went to a salon and dyed it again. And then about half a year after that I used another box dye on my hair. Since then, my hair has been very dry and “crunchy”, and I left my hair alone after that. I’ve been slowly growing out my hair and cutting the dry and dyed parts off, and now I think theres only 1 or 2 inches of dyed hair left.

I decided to try this hair mask out, and see if it could make my hair any softer or smoother. When I smelled it at the store, it reminded me of the green Veet hair removal cream, and it looks similar too.

Anyways, I put this in my hair and waited 15 mins, then washed it out.

I can’t say that it has worked miracles, but it feels slightly softer and not as dry. The only thing I dislike is having to get out of the shower, put this in, wait 15 minutes, then get back into the shower. For a inexpensive solution to dry and damaged hair, I would use this.


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