Civic holiday long weekend

I had the best 3 days since work started (I hate work) this past long weekend! I had a wisdom tooth pulled out but thats a whole other story and luckily it didn’t affect my weekend plans much.

Day 1 – Toronto Zoo

The zoo had a decent variety of animals but it was super hot that day so I didn’t enjoy it as much. Most of the animals were sleeping or eating. I wanted to see big and mighty lions and tigers but they were only lazing around in the shade. I think I need better lens for animal photography, because my lens doesn’t have enough zoom.

Day 2 – Niagara Falls

My third time at the falls – and it was pretty much the same as the last 2 times I went there.

Day 3 – Kingston

A tiny lakeside town with nice scenery. We took a boat tour and then drove around to explore. The water activities reminded me of the days when I would go windsurfing back in Hong Kong.. but I don’t think its too popular in Canada because the water is freezing cold all year.

I think those red roofed huts are iconic.. or are they light houses or something.. lol.

These three days have been an amazing break from work. Next long weekend I’ll try to spend more time planning and actually making things happen. 🙂


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