View from new home

This morning it was raining when I went out in the morning, but a few hours later and theres not a single cloud in the sky – thats Canada weather for you!

So last week I moved into my new condo on the 30th floor – it has an amazing view! The door to the balcony is actually inside my room! Since the sun was shining so brightly I decided to snap a few photos of the view:


A bit of lake view, with that tall building blocking some of it..



Not too spectacular unless you enjoy seeing tall buildings and a busy street. Oh the needle point above the tall building in the center is actually the CN tower.



Tip of CN tower on the left of the picture and lake in the background.



Towards the West is University of Toronto, and there are no other tall buildings except in the far far distance, which I think is outside Toronto. The sun was shining directly from the West so this photo’s quality isn’t too great.

I would also like to take this opportunity to complain about my thin curtains and the room being too bright (from city lights) at night, making it hard for me to sleep.


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