For some reason the aircon cooling system is messed up or really weak… It’s set to 21 degrees, but the inside temperature is 28. So its really really hot. Plus, not only is it hot, its also really dry as well. It feels like its hot from within. I don’t even know why its so hot in here because the outside temperature is cooler than 28. Maybe because there are west facing ceiling to floor windows, and its kind of like a greenhouse in here. I’ve mentioned before, the curtains are really thin and does little to block the sunlight.

So, luckily, there was some häagen-dazs ice-cream bars in the fridge. The ice cream was good but I didn’t like the chocolate crust that much. It was too sweet. Overall I don’t like chocolate. I need to buy some fruit flavoured ice lollies, because those are my favourite.


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