Hairstyle Inspirations

I’ve decided that its about time to cut my hair. The last time I cut it was around February, and its grown long and the ends are split and dry and I’ll not get into the grimy details, but basically, time to cut the hair.

So my favourite site to browse around for hairstyles is this japanese site, and the whole site is in japanese, but with a bit of trial and error you can make it to the hairstyles pages.




After browsing pages and pages of hairstyles, these are my 3 favourite ones. It appears that I really like this hairstylist ‘AFLOAT’. I’m planning to get a fringe again. Right now they are long enough to tie up in a pony tail. I like them semi long and below the eyebrows, but I can imagine they will get in my eye and in the way. And also sometimes I wake up and they are just messed up and I can’t fix it. At least with long bangs there isn’t much variation to it day by day.

I’m planning to keep most of the length, which is ‘past the bra strap’ for lack of better ways to put it. Although, since I want to cut the dry ends off, I’m not sure how much will be left. For a shorter hairstyle, I like this one:


I do realize all of these hairstyles require styling and wont look like this when I wake up in the morning. I don’t really style my hair, unless I’m going out in the afternoon or later, and even then, all I do is straighten it.


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