My new shoes for Autumn

Its getting colder in Canada, and I needed some new ankle boots for Autumn. My old ones are literally falling apart, so I was looking for something to replace them. I saw these shows from Aldo at the end of winter last year, but I didn’t get it because I didn’t get much positive feedback when I asked for people’s opinions, and also winter was ending so I thought it would be a waste. But they are now half price, and almost as if they were intended for me, the only size left was my size. So I got it =)

They are the ‘Peale’ boots from Aldo. And the black ones are out of stock now.


I’ve been wanting combat style boots for a while, and when the ankle flap things are folded up, they look a little combat / tough. It has a bit of wedge heel, and since the inside is all fur, its super comfy. And WARM. I don’t think its waterproof, so I’ll have to spray them with the suede waterproof spray thing.


And when folded down, they look more casual. There is a snap button on the sides to keep the flaps in place, but the front part seems a little too long and flopping awkwardly. I might pin it or something if I decide to wear them like this.

Overall, I really love these boots! When I was looking at them with a friend, he said they looked ugly, but you know what, I’m wearing them, and I should buy things that I like, not things that you like.

Can’t wait to wear them out =) I’ll probably wear them with black skinny jeans or black leggings.


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