Love it or hate it?

Thigh / knee high socks


Socks that come up to the knee or above the knee are a bit of a fashion statement, as they are harder to pair with outfits. The bit of skin that is showing above the socks tend to look less slim than the skin covered with the black socks, which means that people with thicker thighs will have a harder time wearing them. Also, wearing these socks can appear a little slutty, since they are usually paired with short skirts or shorts. 

Anyways, I think they can look really cute when worn correctly, with the right shoes and skirt/shorts. For example:


Here she is wearing a short black skirt with socks that come just above the knee. Looks super cute.

What I don’t think looks good:

Well its not too bad… I dont know… Maybe black looks better. 

Anyways… Love or hate? I’d say love… conditional love.  


One thought on “Love it or hate it?”

  1. I think its great….I wear this style all of the time but I definitely agree with what you say about it appearing a bit “slutty” as I do get some snares when I wear them even though I do waer them with high fashion…But as the old saying goes: to each their own! If you like it, wear it!

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