New: Moisturizer

I’m always excited when I use up my products, because it means that I’ve put it to good use, and I didn’t waste money when I bought it, and of course because it means that I can go and buy a new one without feeling like I bought something I didn’t need.

So this week, I managed to use up my old face moisturizer (blog post here), and I went out and got this new one.


It is the Olay Moisturizing Creme for Sensitive Skin.

I just wanted something basic, and Olay has pretty good reviews. There is a scented version, but it was out of stock, and I didn’t really mind getting the sensitive skin version.


The cream is very white, and almost gel-like. It is very light on the skin, no oily feeling at all. A little bit of this is enough, as it is very smooth and spreads nicely.

The only bad thing I can think of is the packaging – it comes in a plastic tub, and it would be nicer if it was glass. But for the price (around $5), no one can complain.  If you are looking for a basic face moisturizer without fancy bells and whistles, the Olay one is a good choice.


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