Replaced my computer

For the past few months I’ve been trying to replace my Macbook Pro and have been checking computer stores like Future Shop and Best Buy for laptop sales and deals. I’ve seen a few that I liked – but I was quite specific in what I was looking for – a 14″ screen with higher quality discrete graphics card and processors that come under $700 in total after tax. I’ve found a few, but finally decided to go for this one.

Its this Samsung 14″ laptop with AMD processors and graphics card. I think for my budget I’m pretty much limited to AMD. AMD doesn’t do much high end graphics card, as they focus their market towards everyday computers (as opposed to gaming and performance). The laptop uses a quad core A10 processor and dual graphics cards (though one is integrated). I’m not an expert on these computer stuff, but as I understand it, it has the newest processor & graphics cards, but not the highest quality. Its kind of in the higher-mid range.

So I bought the laptop – came to $620 with tax, which is good, and transfered my files and wiped my old Macbook Pro clean with reformatting and reinstalling the OS. I posted an ad for the Macbook Pro and almost immediately had a bunch of replies. I set the price to $700 (which is why my budget was $700 for the new laptop – I didn’t want to effectively lose any money in the replacement). I was actually pretty surprised that a 3 year laptop could retain its value so much! The computer runs slow and the specs aren’t good enough for most games, but its still a Mac, which is the important thing.

The whole process took about 2 weeks – from buying the laptop, transfering files and selling the old macbook. I think its a good move – the new computer has better performance (compared to a 3 year old computer). What I miss most is the trackpad on the mac, and the user interface. Windows is alright… but Mac is definitely better. In my opinion, Mac gives you a better experience using the computer, but for the same price you could get much better specs in a PC. My new laptop is able to run Skyrim on High quality (the old Macbook Pro struggled to run it at low). It depends on your personal preference. Right now I’m more concerned on the price, but in the future when I can afford the expensive Mac computers I will definitely choose Mac over PC.


Left – Macbook Pro, Mid – external monitor, Right – Samsung laptop


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