Love it or hate it?

As the weather approaches winter, I’ve seen more and more of these shoes – Uggs. Uggs have been a topic of controversy, some people really hate them and others wear them all day, everyday.

I can see why people really like them – they are super soft and comfy and warm. The entire shoe is lined with fur, so its like walking on fluffy wool all day. On the other hand, they can look tacky, especially since they wear out faster than other shoes.

I think they look cute when worn correctly. Just remember that Uggs are casual winter boots, so wearing them with leggings or jeans look nice, but wearing them bare legged does not. Also, because Uggs are made from a soft material, they can get worn out quite easily. Dirty or misshapen Uggs do not look fashionable. Like in the picture above, when worn as winter boots, they look cozy and effortlessly put together.

Love or Hate? Love.


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