Burning candles in winter is like having a mini fireplace that also smells wonderful. I’ve been closely monitoring Bath & Body Works for their candle sale, and today they had the 5 for $25 offer for small candles!

I spent a long time smelling every single candle in the store, especially the winter collection. I actually dislike most of the winter scents. They had a lot of trees / pine / nature scents for the winter, which sounds lovely, but actually smells like shit. And I’m not trying to be vulgar, but honestly, it smells unpleasant. They could have toned down the nature scent. They also had a lot of the sweet caramel /vanilla scents, which I did not care for either. It was too strong and off-putting. What I ended up picking were the fresh scents:

Left to right: Cranberry Woods, Lemon, Cranberry Pear Beluni, Japanese Cherry Blossom

I don’t think any of these are from the winter collection. Cranberry woods may be. I also picked out Candy Apple which is from the winter collection, but it was taken from me sadly 😦

Just from smelling directly from the jar, my favourite is the pink one – Cranberry Pear Beluni. I’ll try not to burn them excessively 🙂

I’ve also been wondering if theres some way to recycle these candle jars. The wick doesn’t completely burn up and theres always some wax stuck at the bottom, so I can’t use them as a pen holder or something. Maybe some shops take them back? Or chuck them down the recycle bin. Although if that means remelting and everything its kind of a waste. They should really collect these jars and make new candles from them, since the glass is perfectly intact and doesn’t get used up or anything.


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