Black Friday Shopping: Boots!

DSC_0235So this past Black Friday Sale I only got one thing – these boots from Browns. That same day, my one year old $200 leather boots decided to break at the zip.. Long story, but in a nutshell, I thought if I bought expensive boots they would be better quality and last longer, but after being worn for a few months (winter only), they already broke. They were my first pair of tall boots, so I can’t really compare, but I was severely disappointed.

Anyways, Browns were having a nice sale on their online shop, and I decided to pick this one up. And they arrived today! After a week or so.

DSC_0228They were called “grey” colour, but they aren’t a true grey, more like a muddy grey. They only had one size left – size 9 – but their size chart said size 9 was equivalent to a UK 39. So I got it. And it is too big for me.

DSC_0231Yeah… I don’t know if I should keep them. They look nice but they are really too big. When I wear them, my toes are realllyyy far from the front tip. I can’t even touch it no matter how far fowards I stretch. They look really long as well. Soo….



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