Lisa Cosmetics Warehouse Sale – Shopping!

Soooo I went shopping again! =O I know, I know, I really shouldn’t have.

I’ve never been to these warehouse sales – I’ve been to a small one in Hong Kong, but this one was really big. They sell a lot of fragrances, skin care, daily products, cosmetics… etc. They have this sale two times a year, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. Anyways, my work colleagues and I took a long lunch break and went up to this warehouse. It’s marketed as having prices marked down as low as 80%, but I think its closer to 50%. It’s still a good bargain though.

DSC_0242So the first things I got were these shampoo & body wash. I’ve heard great things about this Joico K-Pak shampoo, and they are normally quite pricey, so I picked up two. And I picked up the Olay Cleansing Bodywash because I was running out and I was planning to get this one anyways. So, these are the everyday necessities that I was eventually going to buy, and I probably saved some money buying them today.

DSC_0247Next, these are the things I didn’t need but I wanted to get. I could have skipped some of these things, but.. oh well. I might use them as gifts if I decide not to keep them. Starting from the back:

  • H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Gel – I don’t really know why. I’ll probably save to use in the summer because gels are lighter and more refreshing.
  • Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24 Eye Cream – I hope its good. I’m running out of my current eye cream and Elizabeth Arden sounds like a good brand.
  • Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss Set – I didn’t need this either, but they were only $10 and you get four mini lip glosses and a little zipper pouch. I can probably use this for a gift if I decide I don’t really like the colours.
  • Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Quad – Again something I could have lived without. But Ive been planning to get a neutral eyeshadow palette just for everyday, and this one looked quite nice.
  • Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara – This was the one thing I was planning to get (make-up wise). I need a new mascara and something dramatic, and my co-workers were telling me how this was the bomb.

DSC_0250And lastly – the biggest purchase of today – this Baby Phat gift set! This is definitely a present. I’m planning to give this to one of my girls for a Secret Santa we’re doing. It has a leopard print box (which I know she loves), and inside there is a shimmering body lotion, a perfume, a body mist, and a shower gel. I’m not sure what she will do with the shimmering body lotion, but I hope she’ll like it!

I’m planning to use my new products for a while then do a review on each of them. I really hope they are good, because even though it was at a sale, they weren’t cheap. They are still good brands and it would be really terrible if I didn’t like them. I’m happy I got these things, but at the same time I’m a little guilty that I spent all this money. Hopefully it wasn’t all a waste… Anyways, there goes my shopping budget for the holiday! No more shopping!


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