Holiday Tag!

Thought I’d do a tag today, after watching so many on youtube =)

  1. What’s your favorite holiday nail polish?
    I don’t really have one since I don’t wear nail polish very often or own very many. But, I think this year I will be wearing Revlon’s Enrapture nail polish, which I recently purchased.
  2. What’s your favorite holiday movie?
    I’m assuming the holiday is Christmas. The movie I used to watch every year without fail is the silent movie The Snowman. It is shown on TV every year on Christmas Eve, and it is a really old movie, but its good all the same.
  3. Share your favorite winter accessory!
    I really love hats! Especially soft beanies and winter hats! I don’t really wear them everyday because it messes up my hair and I’m normally indoors so I don’t need it.. but! This is the hat I bought last Christmas!
    VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
  4. Describe or show your favorite Christmas tree ornament.
    Dont have a Christmas tree =( But if I did, I would choose something simple and vintage.. like..
  5. If you could have one wish come true this year, what would it be?
    I wish I could have a puppy! I know its impossible since I don’t have time for a dog, but hey, if I could I would! Even a kitten would do! They’re so cute!
  6. If you could kiss one celeb under the mistletoe, who would you kiss?
    I don’t.. know.. no one in particular… If I could meet anyone it would be Kate Middleton, though, she’s like my goddess. I don’t care what gossip or scandals the media has on her, to me she is perfect in every way possible. =)
  7. What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
    To do something that makes a difference. I want to do something big, like start a company, or start portraiture photography.. Just something new to make myself a little more exposed to the world instead of studying / working in a little bubble.
  8. What keeps you going during the “Holi-daze”?
    I love the holidays! Everything is so festive and happy and even if I’m only at home I’m happy just relaxing or watching a movie in bed =)
  9. How do you celebrate the holidays with your family?
    Hm.. I don’t remember anything special really.. Spend time at home with my parents.. Nothing too special. We have a little Christmas tree that we put up and decorate lazily, and also one of those optical fibre ones. Oh and we had this colourful spinning light thing, that looked a bit like a disco ball… We would turn off all the lights after dinner and admire the lights.
  10. Favorite holiday song?
    “Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away…”
  11. Show a childhood photo of you at the holidays!
    I don’t have any! Since all my photo albums are at home… But here’s one of my favourite pictures! Its so simple and natural, yet captures my childhood perfectly =)
  12. What’s your favorite winter candle scent?
    I don’t really like any of the winter scents… But my favourite one is Cranberry Pear Bellini from Bath & Body Works.
  13. What’s your favorite holiday candy?
    I’m not actually certain that this is a holiday candy.. But I like these Lindt chocolates! I don’t like chocolate in general, but I like these ones =)
  14. What’s your elf name (favorite nail polish + name of your first pet)?
    Enrapture Brownie .,.. ?? Haha. Sounds yummy.

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