Review: Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24hr Cream

DSC_0189 What a mouthful. This is a new eye cream I’ve been using since my old one ran out. Its a rather pricey eye cream, retailing at about $30 for 15ml, but it is one of the best rated eye creams out there. The box it came in looked nice, but the actual jar is not very nice looking. The green colour is just weird. And, it may look like  a big jar, but really, its just the little big in the middle that has the product. I feel like I’ve been conned, like when you buy a bag of chips and half of it is air.

DSC_0190Anyways, the cream itself is very smooth, and dense, a little like butter at room temperature. It feels very nice on the skin, and is moisturizing. Since it says ’24hr’, I only use it at night, so it will last longer. I used to put eye cream morning and night, but I haven’t seen a big difference so might as well save 10 seconds in the morning. Performance wise, I haven’t noticed any major chance in my skin, so its not one of those magic creams. Its a very good version of a standard eye cream. You also don’t need very much at all, so I can see this tiny jar lasting a long time.

Its not the most expensive product, but its not cheap either. I would probably recommend this if you are looking for something better than drugstore creams, but not exactly Lancome or La Mer.



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