Childhood Favourites Tag

Ok, so this one is going to be hard because I seem to have a selective memory, and I really don’t remember much of my childhood. My memory goes back to maybe the start of high school, and before that its all a blur. So let’s see.

1. Favorite childhood memory?

Oh I know. It was when we all went as a family (me, my brother, my mum and dad), to a holiday theme park in the UK. It was really random. We went to England for like 2 weeks or something, and this was back when I was maybe … 12…? Anyways, we went down to Butlins, and there was this kids world thing called Butlins Skyline, and I think we lived there for 2 or 3 nights. Its a little like a mini version of Disney World I think, we went on rides and me and my brother joined this singing/ dancing class, and we learnt “I believe I can fly”. It was really fun. It was really different too, because we rarely do these kids things. It was a chance for us (my parents included) to be a little childish.

2. Favorite childhood story you don’t remember but was told to you

Hm.. I remember one story. It was back when my father was short tempered. I think I was 2 or something, and we were living in some apartment. Anyways, one day we were playing and for some reason my dad was yelling and stuff, and he took one of my toys and threw it out the window. We later went back to get him back, and obviously I was crying and everything. The toy is a little mouse with a plaid shirt, and his name is 老鼠吉吉. Its not a very happy story, but when my mum told it to me, it was like a joke, a funny story. It just shows how there are no grudges held against your family. If, one day for some reason your family upsets you, the next day everything will be ok. Thats why I like this story.

3. Favorite candy?

I didn’t eat a lot of candy, but I think my favourite are Nerds, which are basically lumps of sugar coated in different colours.

4. Favorite movie and tv show?

Favourite movie: Laputa Castle in the Sky, Favourite TV show: any one of those cartoons shown on tv in the afternoon.

5. Favorite game?

Greebles – its a 2-4 player game on the computer, and we would sometimes play as a family. The game is to run around the map and squash the flies, and avoid getting swashed yourself.

6. Favorite things to do as a kid?

Read, I think. We don’t have many books at home, but the ones we do have, I can remember every single word. We had the 4th harry potter book, the one about the tournament, and if you read me a sentence from anywhere in that book, I could tell you which chapter it was from. Maybe not anymore.

7. Favorite grade in school?

I don’t know.. they were all pretty much the same. If I had to pick, I would choose the senior years (Year 12-13), because that’s when all my friends were there, and I was old enough to go out and experience life, and school was hard, but it was fulfilling as well. I can’t say the same for my classes now.

8. Favorite childhood photo?

I believe I showed this in my previous tag. I just think its an artistic picture.


9. Favorite meal?

Umm… Have to say its my mother’s spare ribs cooked in sugar & vinegar (唐醋排骨).

10. Favorite thing about being a kid?

Just being able to live without worries and being carefree all the time. If you did something stupid when you were a kid, people will just say, its ok, they’re only a kid, and you won’t get in any trouble. But if you’re older, you have to think before doing anything. You have to think about your future, and money, and school, and everything. When you are a kid, it seems like you will be a kid forever, but really, time never slows or stops, so when you are older, theres no going back.


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