New Fragrance



Victoria’s Secret – Love is Heavenly Eau de Parfum from the Dream Angels collection

This is my first ever perfume! If anyone is wondering, this is what I smell like from now on. Victoria’s Secret was having a sale for all perfumes 75ml or under for $30, and after a very long and difficult decision, I got this one. It was between this and the Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold one. I actually liked the Gold one better because the bottle had wings like angels, but I had a stuffy nose and couldn’t smell them properly, so my friend took it upon himself to make the decision for me.

The bottle is very simple, very elegant, and very pretty. I love the pink to orange gradient effect. And I do like the scent of this perfume. It’s fresh and very pleasant. I like that it isn’t too sweet because that can be off putting for me. From the description:

  • Fragrance type: Fruity floral
  • Top notes: Kiwi splashes, dewberry, orange zest, mandarin flowers
  • Middle notes: Water lily, freesia, peony, exotic orchids
  • Dry-down notes: Sandalwood, luminous musk, mahogany wood, ebony wood

Very technical and for the inexperienced me, all I can say is that it smells nice. 🙂 Its marketed as a summer scent, but I don’t see why I can’t use it all year round.

One thing to note, however, is the spray for VS perfumes are not too good – they dispense a lot at a time, and the spray is too concentrated. It doesn’t come out as a mist, more like a splat. But because the fragrance isn’t too strong it should be fine.

What else can I say about it… I really love it! It’s ‘heavenly’! 😀 I’m excited to smell good this year.


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