Review: Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Quad

This is a review of the Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Quad – Velvet Plumtones – Color Intrigue

DSC_0083I bought this eyeshadow quad about a month ago, and I’ve been loving it so far. It’s my go-to everyday eyeshadow quad when I don’t want to think about the colours too much. I love the packaging – the flower pattern on the front makes it seem so classy and expensive. I like the mirror too – its really big and handy. It comes with a plastic protector that keeps the eyeshadow away from the mirror, and a little applicator with a sponge on one side and a little brush on the other. I like to keep the plastic cover inside the quad, but I don’y really use the applicator.

DSC_0086The colours are all very natural – with one matte medium brown, a satin peach, a satin lighter brown, and a satin taupe. I usually use the two lighter colours all over the lid, sometimes the taupe, and then either the darker brown or the taupe on the outside corner. Its very easy to use, really anything you do will look nice because the colours are so natural.

DSC_0089I tried to do a swatch but it didn’t turn out so well. Anyways, the eyeshadows are really soft and creamy, not powdery at all, and has a nice pigmentation. They don’t fall out during the day, and stays on quite nicely.

When I bought it I thought I didn’t really need it, but it turns out I like this quad more than any of my existing eyeshadows. If I had to travel somewhere I could definitely take this and nothing else. Can’t say anything negative about it at all 🙂


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